I work with organizations to build websites that are ready to engage with the modern web economy.

Prosper Naturals
Mon Rêve
Therapy Retailers
Solar Insure
True Terpenes
The Chapel
Dandelion Flower Shop
Ali Golden
The Balloon Council

My Toolbox

Here is a list of my favorite and most-used tools for web development. Besides this selection, I have worked in a wide variety of other ecosystems and love adapting and learning new frameworks. Whatever the job requires, I'm usually game.

Statamic is a flat-file CMS and is my go-to for most projects because it is fast to build and is highly extensible. It is lean, speedy, and is built on Laravel.
I recommend Wordpress to those who desire a wide variety of turn-key features and whose operations require a traditional relational database. Sites I've built with Wordpress:
While it has its limitations, Shopify is still king for fast e-commerce. Clients looking for a straight-forward approach will appreciate this platform. Sites I've built with Shopify:
Other Platforms
New website platforms are coming about each day. I take pride in using platforms that are familiar to each client so they can focus on their business and not learning how to use their website! Here are a few examples:
Laravel is a modern PHP framework for web artisans. When custom is the name of the game, I start with Laravel.