Effective branding is engaging, systematic and believable. A great brand identity feels as though it has always existed and will continue in perpetuity.

Matarresse Bros. Films
Squires Fitness
Blowfish Sushi
True Terpenes
Dandelion Flower Shop
Academy Night Club
The Nirlin Elk Lodge


Each branding process is unique, but following a general process is always a great idea to stay on track and—importantly—on budget! The following considerations will help in understanding the scope of the project.

1. Discovery
Learn about an organization from the inside out. Considerations include core values, aspirations, and culture. If a brand already exists, then consider how to bridge or incorporate legacy elements into a re-brand. Continuity is a critical component to maintaining brand recognition and trust.
2. Atom Building
Develop elemental concepts and visual elements which serve as the foundation for all subsequent decisions. This is the canonical “soul” of the brand and generally includes color, typography, voice, language, and aesthetic cadence.
3. Systems Design
In order to ensure brand cohesion, decisions made during Atom Building should be communicated throughout the organization in the form of a design system. The shape and scope of a design system is dependent on who will be using it, in which contexts, and how frequently it will be needed to iterate. Development and adherence to a proper design system is essential to cost-effective brand iteration.
4. Iteration
After establishing a design system, iteration can begin. This is where the brand and end-user content will meet to create a final glorious product.