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Stanley the Snail Introduction Video

Today, I’m privileged to announce a new character to San Antonio Creek (my comic strip—see it at https://sanantoniocreek.com): Stanley the Snail! What better way to make this introduction than an intro animation featuring hand-painted textures, original sound FX, and even the exuberant voice of a very cute little girl—Riley, the daughter of my good friend, Phillip Matarrese!

About Stanley

“The Protesting Snail” is the best way to sum up Stanley. Born with a heart that cares too much, he is always looking to root out society’s evils by raising awareness of any injustice that crosses his path.

As with everything San Antonio Creek I wanted to focus as much on a hand-illustrated aesthetic, leaving as little to the digital side as possible without losing track of time. I provided the sound effects with my voice. The entire process took about a month, which included developing the character, storyboarding, and execution.

Storyboard Video

Below is the proof-of-concept that I sketched out to plan all of the movement and timing.

Tools Used

Analog ToolsDigital Tools
Sumi Ink & Dip Pen
Adobe Animate
Adobe Premier
Adobe Photoshop
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Today, I'm privileged to announce a new character to San Antonio Creek, Stanley the snail. He's...well, take a look for yourself!
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